Ethical Responses to Genocide

David Pettigrew, PhD,
Philosophy Department,
Southern Connecticut State University

















Inquiry-based Research Project Assignment:

Each student will develop an inquiry-based research project over the course of our five-week class. You can choose one of three topics: the genocide in Armenia, Cambodia or Darfur . The research assignment will have FIVE clearly delineated parts.

*The first part of the research assignment will identify the nature and dimension of the human catastrophe. The assignment will, to the greatest extent possible, provide information about the context in which the catastrophe has occurred, including the historical, cultural, political and religious details. This section must include direct reference to at least three sources including full reference and page numbers if the reference is a book or journal article with a footnote or bibliography page that is separate and distinct from the bibliography/research guide for the entire research project. (3 pages in length)

*The second part must include images and identifying text. The images must have identifying text as well as full reference of source cited directly beneath the image. (include at least five images with at least one map)

*The third part of the research assignment will discuss an ethical theory (you must select one of the three ethical theories that we have discussed in class) that could be applied to your analysis of the catastrophe. This will give you a good opportunity to revisit and rethink one of the three ethical theories. (two pages in length)

*The fourth part of the assignment will raise at least two questions for further research. (1 page)

*The fifth part of the assignment is a bibliography that lists research or educational resources for learning about the catastrophe in Darfur. These will include approximately five books in a bibliography, as well as websites, films, and other resources. You should be sensitive to the different kinds of “texts” whether historical accounts, eyewitness accounts, newspaper articles, films, etc. (a minimum of two pages in length). In this regard you are required to provide separate headings for “Books” “Journal Articles” “Newspapers” “Websites” “Films,” etc. You are allowed to include the course website as well as sources from the website in your bibliography.

The research assignment must be typed and double-spaced.

Note: Each of the above-listed required parts must be identified as such in a table of contents. In addition to a cover page for the entire research project there must be an identifying cover page provided for each of the five sections. Your report must be typed and double-spaced.

Our inquiry-based research assignment requires your abiding attention throughout the course. We will discuss and share information about this assignment throughout the semester in small group discussions. On February 26th, we will discuss the research project in class. On that day, please bring your preliminary bibliography to class as well as images, and be prepared to discuss your findings. The final complete Research Project is due in class on Wednesday May 12th. During our final exam period students will read/present sections of their research assignments to the class.