Ethical Responses to Genocide

David Pettigrew, PhD,
Philosophy Department,
Southern Connecticut State University


Sarajevo Tunnel

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The Sarajevo Tunnel was constructed beneath the airport runway in order to link Dobrinja to Butmir, and thus to link Sarajevo (Dobrinja) to Bosnian free territory on the other side of the airport. Construction was begun in January 1993 and was completed July 30th.

The tunnel was dug by hand, with pickaxes and shovels. It measured approximately 800 meters in length and the average width was 1.5 meters.

The tunnel provided for the transport of military supplies to the defenders of Sarajevo as well as the transport of medicine and food. An oil pipeline was installed to supply the city.

The tunnel allowed the government to communicate with representatives in the Bosnia free territory as well as with the world.

The Serbian forces discovered the existence of the tunnel and shelled both ends.

Many feel that the tunnel was one of the major factors that allowed the city of Sarajevo to survive the siege.

(The above information is drawn from Tunel, a brochure written by Edis and Bajro Kolar and available at the Tunnel Museum. Information is also drawn from a conversation with Edis Kolar, August 21, 2008 as well as his presentation to visitors to the Tunnel that afternoon.)

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Sarajevo Tunnel

August 21, 2008

Photo by David Pettigrew

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