Ethical Responses to Genocide

David Pettigrew, PhD,
Philosophy Department,
Southern Connecticut State University




March 4, 2009

ICC issues a warrant of arrest for Omar Al Bashir, President of Sudan LINK

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Eric Reeves' website:

Danbury High School Darfur Video "The Promise"

International Criminal Court

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Eric Reeves, A Long Day's Dying:
Critical Moments in the Darfur Genocide

(Toronto: The Key Publishing House, 2007)

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Op-Ed Columns on Darfur

Nicholas D. Kristof

Read more about the ICC Arrest Warrant for Omar Al Bashir, President of Sudan LINK


















Eric Reeves, Professor of English Language and Literature at Smith College, presenting a lecture on the genocide in Darfur at Southern Connecticut State University.

Photo by David Pettigrew, September 18, 2007.


March 4, 2009

ICC issues a warrant of arrest for Omar Al Bashir, President of Sudan LINK

Situation: Darfur, Sudan

"Today, Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for the arrest of Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir, President of Sudan, for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He is suspected of being criminally responsible, as an indirect (co-)perpetrator, for intentionally directing attacks against an important part of the civilian population of Darfur, Sudan, murdering, exterminating, raping, torturing and forcibly transferring large numbers of civilians, and pillaging their property. This is the first warrant of arrest ever issued for a sitting Head of State by the ICC....

The counts

The warrant of arrest for Omar Al Bashir lists 7 counts on the basis of his individual criminal responsibility (article 25(3)(a)) including: five counts of crimes against humanity: murder – article 7(1)(a); extermination – article 7(1)(b); forcible transfer – article 7(1)(d); torture – article 7(1)(f); and rape – article 7(1)(g); two counts of war crimes: intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities – article 8(2)(e)(i); and pillaging – article 8(2)(e)(v)."