Ethical Responses to Genocide

David Pettigrew, PhD,
Philosophy Department,
Southern Connecticut State University



Read the commemorative address presented by Ron Adams and Hariz Halilovich and view photos from the Unveiling of the Klotjevac Memorial July 12, 2009

See Historic photo of the Klotjevac Mosque LINK

Link to Scenes from Klotjevac August 17, 2008

Klotjevac is a small village situated on the Drina River, directly south of Srebrenica.In the early years of the war, the village suffered shelling and gunfire from across the river in Serbia. Over one hundred homes, the local mosque and the nearby elementary school and post office were destroyed. In addition, villagers were killed by the shells and sniper fire. Later, the Klotjevac residents fled to the UN designated safe area of Srebrenica, where the fate of July 1995 awaited them.

Before the war there were approximately 300 residents. Now, as a result of the genocidal war, only about 10 residents have been able to return to the village.

Link to Scenes from Klotjevac August 17, 2008

Special thanks to my friend Omer Sulejmanovi─ç for all his help in the preparation of this information. Omer was born in Klotjevac.








The red dot below Srebrenica, on the edge of the Drina river, indicates the approximate location of Klotjevac

Read a detailed report about Klotjevac,"Klotjevac: forced displacement and ethnic cleansing in an eastern Bosnian village," by Hariz Halilovich, University of Melbourne, and Professor Ron Adams, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, LINK
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Special thanks to Hariz Halilovich and Ron Adams for their permission to post this extract from a longer work.